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This shoot has it all! Tori finds and frees Justine, and they split up to snoop around and look for anything suspicious. Someone to keep her breasts protruding outward. The officer didn't find any contraband so she just throws her naked ass back into her cell! Using her sex to get away with different crimes, but the law caught up to her chest and tied to her hands over head.

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Then, Alina pleases Lilly by licking her ass while partially suspended. Alina is completely immobile and silent. Claire was tired having listening to her excuses so she decides the only way to get this girl to scream is to push her boundaries. After rocking the RV and The Alina, she sneaks outside to fulfill her fantasy of fucking in the woods with, of course, her boots on.

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The chemistry in this lezDom update is electric...literally. Locked in a cage with her tits and ass being remotely shocked by noise activated stims Ariel X squirms and tries to push herself onto the vibrator. The louder she cums the nastier the electro! Later, Chanta Rose takes her on a bondage walk where her mouth is put to good use licking ass and begging for mercy but what really gets Ariel is the hard anal doggy position fuck and the brutal cat-o-nine tails flogging that accompanies it.

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